10 Reasons To NOT Consider vSAN

Was just watching an old episode of Late Show with Letterman yesterday night, and on came my favourite segment. The TOP 10 List. Kinda got to thinking, I'll put up a list of my own too... Enjoy!

  1. You enjoy tracking LUN mappings on an Excel spreadsheet
  2. You have had the same storage system for ages and not a big fan of innovations
  3. You look forward to negotiating your next storage renewal contract
  4. You enjoy being stuck with a hardware vendor you dislike, when all you want is out
  5. You are terrified of simplified data management
  6. You look forward to patch Tuesdays, looking for firmware's, comparing it against all other variables in the chain
  7. You get a high seeing complex daisy chaining cables
  8. You find joy with traditional RAID groups, switch zoning and fiber channel cables
  9. You miss the warm air behind your storage array, when the day seems cold and lonely
  10. You are convinced that 10,000 customers have just made a grave mistake going with vSAN