vExpert 2018 2nd Half Announcement!

As some of you may know, the announcement for the next round of vExperts for the year 2018 have just been made.

I will not go on and share the perks and benefits of being part of this program (as it is fairly well documented), but I will say that I'm very honored to be recognised as part of this community as we continue to share our experiences and expertise.

I would also like to make a shout out specifically to those in the Southeast Asia region (ASEAN) who are new and also on the current list of vExperts. To be honest, there isn't too many of us but I don't necessarily think that it is a reflection of the limited knowledge and skill sets available in region. For example, Malaysia has only 1 x vExpert to date which is highly unlikely... I encourage more of you guys from ASEAN to be part of this community in the coming application.

Till then, I will be sipping my latte, enjoying my new found accreditation, till someone comes to burst my bubble :)

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