vWarrior Championships is now VMware Odyssey!


The vWarrior Championships last year at vFORUM Singapore was such a big hit! We took it to the big leagues this year and had it included at VMworld 2019 in San Francisco & Barcelona too. We renamed the event to “VMware Odyssey”, synonymous to the journey that many of our customers entrust us on their cloud & digital transformations.

As with most enterprises, you begin your cloud transformation journey believing that the sky’s the limit, the promises, the expectations of nirvana, such flexibility and the seamlessness of it all… Brilliant! Buzzinga! However, somewhere along the lines, things don’t turn out as it seemed, limitations creep in, caveats surfaces, costs balloons, suddenly all seems confusing and you find yourself lost…

Then you start to question… Did you make a bad choice? Is your greatest achievement behind you? Or can you redeem yourself once again?

VMware Odyssey is coming home and will be back at vFORUM Singapore 2019 on the 14th November 2019!

We are also introducing a special bonus round called the “Voyagers of Venus”. This is an exclusive round to celebrate women in tech and to champion them as role models for women of tomorrow. This round pits the females in each team against one another with the top 3 securing bonuses for their team. To provide a path of continuation from vFORUM, the Voyagers of Venus women will be selected to be the Voice of VMware for the women community within VMUG. Through active participation at VMUG, the VMUG team will assist to enable them and guide them on the path to becoming vExperts. We hope that through these efforts, we will be able to grow the women community for tech.

So are you ready to embark on a new journey? Register here for a 2nd chance!

I’ll leave you here with a fun teaser video of VMware Odyssey.
PS : this video is strictly for fun and entertainment purposes as have nothing to do with VMware and its associated organisations. Enjoy!