Like the dark theme? Check out HCIBench 2.1!

I’ve been very much into the dark theme in recent times, and I’m so glad that most of my daily productivity apps have had an option for that.


Given that I do a good amount of PoC’s and performance benchmarking at work, I would consider HCIBench a productivity tool too! Behold the dark theme for HCIBench 2.1!

Aside from that, here are the other updates for v2.1.

Redesigned VMDK preparation methodology, which can complete much faster using RANDOM on deduped storage

  • Added VMDK preparation process update

  • Added Graphite port check into prevalidation

  • Added vCenter/Host password obfuscation

  • Added "Delete Guest VM" button

  • Fixed Grafana display issue

  • Fixed FIO blank results issue

  • Bug fixes

As always, the tool is free for download and can be used to test any vSphere clusters, not just vSAN.