HCIBench 2.0 is Here!

This is gonna be a very short post.

Fresh from the master himself, our in-house performance guru (Chen Wei) have updated the HCIBench tool! I was super excited that I pretty much kicked off the download on my way to the office from my mobile this morning.

Here’s a few notable new features on it.

Firstly, its built on the new Clarity UI framework. If you haven’t noticed, this is consistent across most of the VMware product UI’s in recent time.


Personally, I do like this sleek new look of the UI. Maybe I’m just getting used to the similarity in all the other suite of products.

I have mentioned in previous posts about the back end engine for HCIBench being based on VDBench. With 2.0, HCIBench have added an option of using FIO as the load generator. VDBench is still there if you so choose to use it.

My personal favourite for 2.0, is definitely the inclusion of Grafana. It provides us real-time view of metrics on the cluster while we are running the benchmark. Historically, we had to wait till the run was complete to get a summary, and the only way to view it real time was through vRealize Operations or vCenter. While for most its sufficient, but nothing beats this.


Makes it doubly cool, the fact that its a dark theme (seems to be the fad recently).

Hope you guys have a go at it. Here’s the link just incase.